About Us

Lifestyle Curves is a passion of mine created out of necessity. One year ago I gave birth to my third and last child. With that came a lot of soul searching and extra pounds from the pregnancy. I was 50 pounds overweight and knew I had to design a healthier lifestyle which includes eating healthier and finding a weight loss plan that worked for me. I began researching online about different weight loss options and discovered waist training and Keto. I tried many waist trainers before and was never satisfied with the many cheap waist trainers currently on the market. I was so frustrated with the lack of quality waist trainers I decided to create my own brand. I needed one that was made with good quality which would help me suppress my appetite and lose weight. Well, I’m proud to say that I never thought wearing a waist trainer and dieting would help me lose more than 50 pounds in only four months but that’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t easy at first but if I can do it anybody can. I created Lifestyle Curves because the weight loss had such a profound effect on my confidence and overall well being I felt compelled to share my story with other women in a similar situation. I encourage all of you to look your best!

Ruby Malmen
Co-Founder/ Chief Brand Ambassador and satisfied customer
Lifestyle Curves