What You Should Know About Postpartum Waist Training

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer

Postpartum waist training, or postpartum girdling, is a topic that, unfortunately, there is very little information available about. While some discount the practice saying it is unhealthy and unsafe, with little evidence to say so, there are entire cultures that have safely practiced postpartum girdling for generations. 

I am Mexican, and I remember that months before I was due to have my first baby, my mother brought up the subject of fajas. She mentioned we should start looking for one, and I didn’t question it. I was aware it was part of my culture, that all of the women in my family did it, and I’d never heard a negative thing about it before. My mom actually bought me my first faja and, quite frankly, I don’t know how women can do without one after delivering a baby! 

What you have to understand about postpartum girdling is that it’s not intended as an aesthetic solution (although it can provide some benefits that way!) The major thing about postpartum girdling is that having a baby is HARD. It is so hard on your body. Postpartum girdling actually gives your body the support it needs after such a physically draining event. Check out this blog to see all of the benefits that can come from postpartum girdling.

Once your body has sufficiently recovered from giving birth, and you’re ready to get your body back to its new normal (because our bodies do change, ladies), then you can tackle wearing a waist trainer intended to help shape your body throughout the day and during your workouts. 

It is important to do this at a pace that is healthy and safe for you. You will know when you are ready to begin working out again, and that will be a good indicator of when you are ready to begin using your waist trainer, too. Do not rush this. Being a mom is a beautiful thing and it will bring so many changes to your life. Some changes will be easy to embrace and some will be a little tougher, but that’s all part of the package. 

Be patient with yourself. All good things take a little bit of time. It took you almost 9 months to create your beautiful baby, didn’t it?

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