The Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer

Many of you may already be familiar with the waist training trend among women of all ages. It is now popularized and adorned by celebrities and everyday women across the U.S. and Latin America. The product has evolved over the last 200 years from its original form called a corset.

But what are the benefits of wearing a waist trainer? Is the waist trainer synonymous with the corset? How does a waist trainer work?

Waist training is when women wear either waist trainer or corset closely fitted for several hours up to a full day to slim their waist and achieve an almost hourglass figure. Though waist trainer and corset are both waist slimming garments, they’re not synonymous.

A waist trainer, also known as a cincher, is a garment that slims the waist with the aid of compression material, typically constructed with a latex, nylon or spandex core with plastic boning and hook-and-eye closures in the front. It is easy to put on, less bulky and wearing it while working out is okay. A waist cincher slashes off one to two inches from the waistline and if worn under the clothes can provide a slimming effect. Corsets help you to re-shape your body over time typically resulting in an immediate reduction in the waistline between 3 and 6 inches, they can be tightened using the laces and analogous to braces for your teeth. Between corset and waist trainer, the waist trainer is a bit flexible than the stiff corset. A waist trainer is worn ideally for strengthening the core. The undergarment creates friction with the skin and increases the body's natural heat to let you sweat. As you sweat more, more stubborn fats of your body are removed giving the S shape figure you are dreaming of.

I wonder how the waist trainer started. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

The Cinderella movie of 2015, a reborn film from children's storytelling books whose origin might have been older than the 15th century. There was a scene where Cinderella’s two stepsisters (Drisella and Anastasia) ask her help in tightening their stiff bodice (also called a “pair of bodies” the former name of waist slimming garments) in preparation for the Prince Ball. Whether their unpublished documentaries related to waist slimming garments, the truth of the matter is old Venetian female pictures depict that there is.

A steel corset exhibited in Stibbert Museum, Florence, Italy, was made for Eleanor of Toledo handcrafted by an armor maker and delivered to her on 28 February 1549 according to Wikipedia. This was worn for medical or therapeutic reasons.

Fashion historians have attributed the introduction of fashionable corset-wearing to Catherine de' Medici, she brought metal corsets to France from Italy in the 16th century.

From the 17th century until the 1880’s corset rule public adoration, the evolution goes from back lacing to corset at the front with no lace.

It is also important to note that corset was traditionally custom made and only in manufacturing advancement times it was mass-produced. Women's claim for flexibility gave birth to girdles produced out of plastic. This is to control the hips and waist without constricting. Bras came around to support the breast area. There is a high probability that the same time when bra and girdle came around conventional waist trainer was born. Why? Inquisitive minds often produce new things. From the conventional bony and stiff structure of corset came the nonconstricting girdle, so somehow conventional waist trainer came around whose characteristics lies in the middle of the two.

For decades, fajas (waist trainers) were found in closets of Latino households. This is why Columbian women have a flawless curve. It is usually worn after every surgery or pregnancy to bring back the former body shape.

Today, both waist trainer and corset are hot picks in the market and the number of celebrities posting in the social media sites with their pics wearing waist trainer are still counting.

Benefits of Waist Training

We’ve captured the benefits of the waist trainer and itemized them below. A special thanks to Ruby Malmen, mother of three from Chicago, Illinois and Chief Brand Ambassador for Lifestyle Curves. Lifestyle Curves is a new premium shapewear brand that will be offering waist trainers and other shapewear for sale on their website beginning in December 2019.

1. Waist trainers helped me look better

Wearing a waist trainer provides immediate gratification by providing a slimmer look to your body. Looking slimmer makes you feel better about yourself, which increases serotonin, the naturally produced hormone that creates a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Serotonin is the “happiness chemical” as referred to by some scientists due to it is linked to your mood levels. The result, a higher level of self-esteem, high energy, positive thoughts, feels relax and enables one to do the days’ work swiftly.

2. Waist trainers helped further weight loss

Ruby’s remarkable weight loss of 32 pounds in only 2.5 months was achieved wearing a waist trainer in conjunction with a modified keto diet and intermittent fasting. When she began her weight loss journey she thought her target goal of 60lbs was beyond her reach. With advice from Lifestyle Curves, she lost 32 pounds in only 2 1⁄2 months by using a holistic weight loss approach. Lifestyle Curves a unique holistic approach to waist training requires incorporating a healthy diet and exercise to achieve maximum rapid results.

3. Waist trainers limit how much I would eat

Waist trainer squeezes your stomach, therefore, limit your food intake. Portioning the healthy pack food is a way to go. As per WebMD, eating small meals throughout the day is how you win the battle of the bulge. The claim is the frequency you eat so long it is healthy, keeps your body metabolism in shape, rid off hunger and your blood sugar is under control. Hence, wearing a waist trainer motivates you to a healthier lifestyle

 4. Waist trainers serve as a self-confidence booster

We know how makeover delivers transformative power. Try watching “What Not to Wear” or “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, you’ll see how a difference in wardrobe, makeup or even haircut can turn gloomy to a wow personality. To the heart of the participants, it is more than the transformation but rather gaining self-worth and self-confidence. Having to wear again a long-kept, favorite sexy dress that now fits with the aid of waist trainer as an undergarment has the same effect. Ruby said, “No one knows you are wearing one so it’s private.”

5. Waist trainers improve posture

Waist trainer improves your posture and so thus engaging your midsection muscles. Your posture is corrected since your waist and tummy are cinched in. Waist trainer keeps your midsection tight and inline too. The metal bones that are inside in some waist trainers make it harder for you to slouch. They, in turn, provide adequate back support and reduce the risk of any bad spinal conditions. Improve posture goes hand in hand to improve body balance. Lastly, the right posture loosens the spinal nerves. Brain and spine communication is less obstructed to avoid the onset of migraines or frequent headaches.

6. Waist trainers emphasize the bust line

In choosing a dress, women always choose the one that accentuates the body curves like the bust line. It should appear just the right size not too flat and not too voluptuous. Waist trainers due to it are clichéd to the midsection, the rest of the body unwanted curves are redistributed to the nearby part. Good thing, this gives positive emphasis on the bust line. For women with large breasts, this provides additional support reducing back pain and pressure.

7. Waist trainers soften menstrual cramps

Not all women experience menstrual cramps but many women reported that waist trainers are doing a good job in removing the pain. Formerly, the fetal position provides relief but now a waist trainer might help you out too. Menstrual cramps are painful. This is due to the contraction of the midsection and peritoneal organs. Wearing the waist cincher will ease the pain The easiness of strapping on your waist trainer and head out the door this could help to stop hindrance that your period can put on your day. Waist trainer has done its work in giving us a break from pain while trying to get things done. To truly understand the benefits of wearing a waist trainer along with proper diet and nutrition check out the story of Ruby Malmen, the face of Lifestyle Curves Shapewear.


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