What I Wish I’d Known About Waist Training

Interview with Ruby Malmen, Lifestyle Curves Chief Ambassador

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer 

If you’re new to the world of waist training you might feel like you don’t know where to begin or even what to expect - other than awesome body shaping results, of course. I got together with the Chief Ambassador for Lifestyle Curves who is a waist training pro. Ruby has lost over 50 lbs since beginning waist training and has figured out the learning curve for all of us. I interviewed her to get the deets on what you need to know about waist training.

What was the most challenging part of beginning waist training?

Ruby: The most challenging part of beginning waist training is actually buying the right size. If your size is off you can’t put the waist trainer on - let alone consistently wear it.

What did you do to help overcome that challenge?

Ruby: I properly measured my waist. My video on how to do this is coming soon! if you have the right size, the trainer will be effective. (In the meantime, check out this article on how to measure your waist to find the right size for you.)

Did you find that there was an aspect of waist training that was surprisingly easy for you? What was it?

Ruby: Consistency was easier than I expected. Just put the waist trainer every day. This is something that happened quite easily once I figured out what my size was.

How did waist training change your morning routine?

Ruby: Waist training is something that requires very little thought and change in daily activity - just put the waist trainer on every day and keep it on for at least 8 hours.

What are some things you wish you had known when you started your waist training journey?

Ruby: I wish [I’d known] that waist training is something you can get into so easily, just take the action [and put] your waist trainer on every day. If you can do that it will be effective!

So there you have it, ladies. Transforming your body is super simple when you take that first step. Check out our Catherine, Eva, Selena, and Meghan waist trainers to get started! Is there anything else you’d like to know about waist training from Ruby? Let us know in the comments!

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