What are HIIT Workouts?

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer 
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High-Intensity Interval Training workouts. They sound intense, right? They are. You pack an intensive workout into 30 minutes (or less!) and you will reap the rewards sooner than you think. 

What are HIIT workouts?

High-intensity interval training workouts are exactly what they sound like. You work out for different intervals with minimal downtime, meaning that you get your heart pumping and you get the most out of every minute - so you don’t have to work out for long. 

Shorter workouts? Sign me up! You might be thinking. But be aware these workouts are not for the faint of heart. You might feel like you’re dying during the workout but your endorphins will be soaring when you’re done. I used to exclusively do HIIT workouts 5 days a week (I recently sprained my ankle and had to switch to less intense workouts for awhile). But I can tell you, there were many times I dreaded heading to the gym on those HIIT workout days. I knew how tough those workouts were and exactly what I was heading into. But that high after you’re done? There’s nothing like that feeling. And the results? 

So worth it. 

In fact, the results were so amazing that my dreading the gym rarely phased me. My entire body was so toned and I was in excellent shape. On the days that I considered skipping my workout, I’d take one look in the mirror and I’d be convinced the gym was the only place for me to be. I’ve never done another workout quite like this one that worked miracles for my body and made me feel so good, too. If I had to describe HIIT workouts in one word, I would say they’re addictive. Highly, highly addictive. 

What HIIT workouts are right for me?

There are many HIIT workout programs available. I’ve done a few different ones, and they all provide a similar mash-up of burpees, commandos, jump squats, mountain climbers, and more. I don’t think you can do wrong with HIIT workouts - and the ones below can be done at home - with minimal equipment!


I’ve used the SWEAT app for years and one of the reasons it’s my favorite is because of the variety of workouts available. It has 11 total programs, including post-pregnancy ones. This makes it easier to find the perfect workout for you depending on what your goals are. For example, there are programs like PWR that incorporate weights, and the original BBG program (the Bikini Body Guide that made Kayla Itsines a household name) which is bodyweight focused. And, if you’re like me where you feel a need to switch things up every once in a while in order to not get too bored, having a number of workout options on one app is pretty great. Sweat requires a monthly subscription of $19.99/month, $54.99 every 3 months, or $119.94/year.

Fit Body

I’ve had a subscription for Fit Body app, as well, and really love it. The Fit Body app was created by Anna Victoria, another well-known fitness trainer who has been very open about her fitness journey. There are fewer workouts available on this app, but they are just as effective. And the price reflects this as this app comes in at a lower price of $16.99/month, $45.99/ every 3 months, $69.99/ every 6 months, or $119.99/year.

Both SWEAT and Fit Body offer meal plans and recipes as well, helping you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals even faster. Both app programs also typically offer a free starter trial if you’d like to try it out before you buy. 

Chloe Ting 

If you’re on a budget for fitness-related expenses and would rather spend $0, Chloe Ting workouts are completely free and have rave reviews. I’ve personally never tried them but have several friends who love them and have seen incredible results by sticking with them. 


HIIT workouts are amazing. I really, truly, cannot say this enough. These workouts will transform your body in ways that you won’t believe until you see the results. I really hope you give them a shot - but don’t forget that fitness is only half the battle. Nutrition is just as important, too! Check out our blogs below to find the diet that is right for you. And keep checking back here! We are constantly adding new blogs and topics relating to women’s health.

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Do you have any other HIIT workouts to recommend? Please share!

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