Waist Training for Weight Maintenance

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer

Have you lost weight by waist training and dieting? 

And have you FINALLY met your goal weight? 

First of all, congratulations!! It’s no surprise that waist training gave you the motivation and support you needed to lose weight - you should be proud of your commitment to waist training! 

But, like many other women who have lost weight, you might be concerned about maintaining your weight loss. To be completely honest with you, that can be the toughest part. But there are ways that waist training can help you maintain your new weight.

Lifestyle changes

One of the biggest ways in which waist training will help you to maintain your weight loss is through all of the lifestyle changes you incorporated while you were waist training.

For example, have you tried overeating even when you are not wearing a waist trainer? You’ll probably find that you can’t. You’ll feel full faster with or without the waist trainer because you’ve trained yourself to eat less over the last few months. 

This will help you maintain your new weight, well, forever. 

No fad diets

The biggest reason some women gain back all of the weight they’ve lost is due to the fact that they’ve lost the weight using fad diets. Fad diets do not teach dieters how to implement lifestyle changes that they can continue to use after they’ve ended the diet. When fad dieters resume their normal eating patterns after dieting, the weight comes back soon after. 

Lifestyle Curves encourages our customers to find a healthy, balanced diet that they can incorporate into their waist training lifestyle. A healthy diet will teach you how to eat well portioned, healthy foods and that will help you not only to lose the weight, but to keep it off as well.

Mental perspective

First of all, let’s make this clear: women look gorgeous with or without a waist trainer. However, one of the main ways waist training can help you reach your health goals is by giving you a boost of confidence. Many women find that the way they look wearing a waist training is flattering for their figure, and gain the motivation to continue to work on their body. Waist trainers help you feel good about the way you look, and this body positivity carries through the weight loss process, and into your maintenance phase. Feeling happy about how you look goes a long way in helping you commit to taking care of your body and your health, making weight maintenance even easier to manage. 


Waist trainers are an excellent and effective tool for weight loss, but can also make a world of difference for women who are trying to keep the weight off. You can continue wearing your waist trainer for as long as you like!

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