Waist Training After Giving Birth

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer


Can waist training help me recover from giving birth? 

Waist training during postpartum recovery, otherwise known as postpartum girdling, has been a very popular postpartum tool for mothers after giving birth. In fact, girdling for postpartum recovery has been a go-to in various cultures for generations. For this reason, you might be wondering, “I just had a baby. Is using a waist trainer to help with postpartum recovery right for me?”

I am not qualified to give medical advice, so please do not take this as such. You should discuss waist training for postpartum recovery, or postpartum girdling, with your OB-GYN before undertaking this regimen.

However, since women have been using waist trainers in just this way for this exact purpose for generations, I wanted to explore the possible benefits that can come from using waist trainers during postpartum recovery.

It can give your weakened core the support it needs.

Giving birth is taxing on your body. If you’ve been there, I don’t have to rehash it for you. It’s not fun to say the least, and incredibly draining and exhausting to say a little bit more. A waist trainer can help give your body the support it needs after such a draining experience. 

It can help your diastasis recti heal more quickly.

Diastesis recti refers to either a partial or complete separation of your six-pack muscles (otherwise known as rectus abdominis) and it, unfortunately, does affect many women during or even after pregnancy. For some women, the only remedy for diastesis recti can be surgery, and so it might be a relief to know that postpartum girdling acts as a splint, allowing your abdominal muscles to heal by taking some of the pressure off of having to support your core, too. 

It’s important to use the right kind of waist trainer for postpartum girdling.

When your body is recovering from such a physically distressing experience (is there any other way to describe it?) it’s important to use a postpartum girdle that is supportive and firm, but not too tight. Many waist trainers are directly marketed as postpartum girdles, and many waist trainers that have velcro closures can be very helpful for this specific purpose, too. 

The bottom line.

Give yourself serious credit and go easy on your body. It will take time to go back to your pre-baby weight and previous clothing size and that’s okay - you just created a human being! Whether or not you end up using a postpartum girdle, love your body, love your baby, and enjoy navigating your new life with your bundle of joy!

Have you waist trained as part of your postpartum recovery? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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