Waist Trainer Tips For Success


1. Make sure you get your size right.

Poor-fitting waist trainers are uncomfortable, and wearing a trainer that’s too small won’t get you results any faster.

2. Find a waist trainer that fits your body type.

Waist trainers come in many different styles designed to fit different body types. Here’s a corset style guide. You’ll be more comfortable and get better results, in a waist trainer designed for your body type.

3. Only wear your trainer 1.5 – 2 hours the first time you wear it.

Repeat this step several times over the first several days of breaking in your waist trainer. This applies not just to those who wish to waist train, but also those people who have purchased a corset for a special occasion like a wedding or event. Listen to your body and take it slow!

4. If you plan on waist training, the keyword is “gradually.”

Don’t tighten to the point where it’s painful. We recommend gradually increasing your time from 1.5 hours a day to around 6-8 hours a day over the course of 10-14 days. Take your time getting the trainer down tighter - don’t rush it! We know you want to see your results TODAY, but you risk hurting yourself if you try too much too soon.

5. Give yourself a break.

Even the most aggressive waist trainers take days off. You will find that some days you can wear your corset for many hours, and other days only for a few.

6. Partner your waist training with a healthy diet and exercise regimen,  specifically, core strengthening exercises.

If you take care of your body, you’ll have a great chance of seeing results and feeling great both in and out of your corset.

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