The Benefits of Going Sugar-Free

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer 

Sugar is not an easy thing to give up. Not only is it delicious, but it also affects the way your brain works. In fact, having just a little bit of sugar causes your brain to crave even more, creating an unhealthy cycle we don’t know how to quit.

While naturally occurring sugars, like the ones found in fruit, are okay, it’s added sugars that can be the real issue. They can spike cravings leading to unhealthy eating and weight gain over time.

For this, and many other reasons, you might be considering going sugar-free. And I have to tell you - it’s doable. I’ve done it. It’s challenging at first because it’s truly a lifestyle change. And while I go through phases of less added sugars vs slightly more added sugars, eating sugary, sweet treats is not something I routinely do anymore. Sugar just doesn’t appeal to me as much as it once did. So if you’re going sugar-free and are struggling, hang in there! It gets easier. And the benefits? So worth it!

Smoother, younger-looking skin.

Did you know that quitting added sugars can give you a youthful glow? High blood sugar levels can be damaging to your skin’s collagen repair process. As we get older, the sugar we consume can attach itself to elastin and collagen proteins in our skin, creating damaged molecules that create premature wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity.

Weight loss.

Added sugars come with extra calories that might be hindering your efforts to lose weight - especially if you are experiencing sugar crashes that lead to craving more sugar several times throughout the day. 

Reduced abdominal fat.

Eating foods high in added sugars can, overtime, add extra weight to your middle. There are studies that indicate this is the case. Not only is abdominal fat unnattractive, it is unhealthy and can lead to serious medical issues over time. 


Added sugars are not good for you! They’re not good for your waistline or your health. If you’ve decided to focus on you and your health, decreasing the sugar levels of your diet should be your first step.

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