I’m a Mom. How Can I Eat Healthier?

 By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer

Nothing changes your life like having little people to love and raise - in wonderful ways of course. But it does make it more challenging for women to take care of themselves, too. Here are some easy ideas moms can implement in their busy lives to help them eat healthier.

Keep healthy foods at home.

One strategy that has always worked for me is to stop buying unhealthy foods that I enjoy at the grocery store. I can’t eat a pint of ice cream if I don’t have a pint of ice cream after all. Remove the temptation by not having it around in the first place. Opt for buying healthy snacks like fresh fruits and veggies instead. You might be surprised at how easy it is to reach for carrot sticks when it’s all you’ve got!

Don’t eat standing up.

This is a big one! I’ve personally never had this issue, but I’ve noticed that my mom, a woman who loves spending time in the kitchen cooking for her family, will frequently munch on whatever is available while she is cooking. These extra snacks can add up calorie (and weight) wise, and you may not even think about what you’re eating while you’re doing it.

Focus on moderation.

You’re a mom. Life is hectic and even crazy sometimes. It might be difficult to plan things sometimes (although planning is really helpful when you can do it). The important thing is to focus on moderation. That means that nothing is really off the table. But if you know you’ll be having pizza for dinner, choose a healthier lunch that day. Think of your calories like a budget. You only have so many calories that you can take in every day, so if you know that you’ll be using a lot of them later, use fewer of them throughout the day to create balance. 

This approach to dieting is more of a lifestyle approach that will stay with you no matter what craziness life throws your way.


It’s easy for moms to feel overwhelmed by all the little (and big) things they have to handle every day. But taking care of yourself is important and necessary. Your kids need you to be happy and healthy and there are very simple ways to do that in your life. 

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