How Waist Training Can Change Your Morning Mom Routine

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer

If you’ve decided to find out for yourself how effective waist trainers are (you won’t regret it!), you’re probably wondering how it might affect different parts of your life - especially your morning momma routine.

I don’t know about your morning routine, but mine is pretty hectic. I try and wake up no later than 5 am, do a 30-minute cardio session, jump in the shower, get dressed, and then get my son ready for school (healthy breakfast and all). I usually make a quick cup of coffee in the last couple of minutes before I have to (quite literally) run out the door. I'm an intermittent faster so thankfully I don't have to find the time to eat, too.

Every single minute of my mornings is accounted for and just one thing, like having to look for a pair of shoes, can make me very late. 

One of the best things about waist training is the fact that it can be a part of your everyday routine pretty seamlessly. You don’t have to change much about your day to incorporate waist training, and it can greatly impact your weight loss results if you are consistent with it. 

However, if your morning routines are anything like mine (and if you have more than one child God bless you) you may want to plan accordingly, at least at first. I used waist trainers to help recover from my pregnancy several years ago, and there were a few items of clothing I had at the time that were a little too thin - something I hadn’t noticed until I was wearing a waist trainer underneath them. This was an easy thing to keep in mind, once I was aware of it. But having to make an outfit change in the middle of my busy morning was not something I had the time to do.

It could help to plan out (and by that I do mean try out) your outfits the night before so that you don’t have any issues getting dressed the following day. And if you can carve out just a few minutes in the morning for getting your waist trainer on, at least until you get used to doing it, that would be majorly helpful. From one busy mom to another, you will thank yourself later!

How has waist training been going for you? What other advice would you give to busy moms joining the Lifestyle Curves family?

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