How to Wear Your Waist Trainer Under Clothing

By Diana Sanchez, Staff Writer

So you’ve ordered your waist trainer and you’re excited to get started. You should be! Every day that you put on your waist trainer brings you one day closer to achieving your body shaping and weight loss goals. 

But you might be wondering how you can hide your waist trainer from the world. I completely understand that. There are some things we women like to keep to ourselves and this might be one of them. The good news is there are some things that you can do to hide your waist trainer underneath your clothes.

First of all, please remember that your waist trainer should not go on your bare skin. You should wear a tank top or light top underneath your trainer so that your sweat isn’t absorbed by the trainer as you go about your day. Also, if you plan on wearing your waist trainer daily (and you should, for maximum and quicker results) you want 2-3 waist trainers to rotate throughout the week. (Check out this blog on how to care for your waist trainers.)

In order to best hide your waist trainer underneath your clothing, you will need to keep the following in mind.

The material of your clothing isn't too thin

Try to avoid wearing clothing made out of very thin material. If it is too thin, your waist trainer and the closures will certainly show through. This will not be an issue with thicker materials.

The color of your waist trainer doesn't stand out

If you are wearing a black waist trainer underneath light-colored clothing, the dark waist trainer may be visible to others. Make sure that the color of your waist trainer won’t show through your clothing. 

Your waist trainer is a perfect fit

If your waist trainer is too tight, not only will that be uncomfortable for you, but it will also be very obvious that you are wearing a waist trainer to other people. Make sure that your waist trainer is a perfect fit so that you can wear it for the minimum 8-hour daily requirement, and so that you discreetly wear it underneath your clothing.


Waist training is a body shaping endeavor that will change your life. It’s important that you can easily integrate it into your regular routine in order to stick to it so you can celebrate the results later. 

What other questions do you have about waist training? Please share them below.

Wondering how long it’ll be before you see results waist training? Check out this blog for more details.

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