How I Lost 40 lbs In Only 3 Months


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A scale is for weighing yourself.

194. That was my number when I stepped on the scale. It had been years since I even dared to weigh myself but I thought I’ve been eating “healthy” for a couple of weeks surely I couldn’t be that big. I stepped on the scale again - yup still 194. I looked in the mirror at my overly tired exhausted reflection looking back at me and asked myself, is this who I am? 30 years old, almost 200lbs, and completely unhappy with myself? 
    Sure there were aspects of my life I adored. I had a wonderful husband and three beautiful healthy children and I am grateful. But I was not happy with the figure staring back at me. Did my weight define who I am? Or was there more to me than what that number represented. I didn’t feel like I was 194 lbs but the person looking back at me in the mirror certainly Isn’t who I wanted to be. Three things I know for sure- I didn't want my children to lose their mom at a young age or develop the same weight issues I had faced for so many years ago, I had an unhealthy relationship with food, and my self-worth was lower than I ever thought it could be.
    I knew I had to make a change. 

    The only thing constant in life is change…

    I know that I cannot make this change overnight- but the resolve to change - that came the second I stepped on that scale. I knew I had to change so the first thing I started with was just watching what I ate. What does that mean? I’ve always heard the skinny girls talk about watching what they eat- I always hated those girls who only eat salads and never tasted a sip of beer in their lives - and yet they always seemed to have things I didn’t have- a better career, more self-esteem, prettier clothes, better cars/ houses. In general, a better life. I was disgusted with the thought of being on a diet. But I knew I wanted more for myself. I started to research diet fads on the internet - and there were plenty that promised to work. The only one I could even contemplate using was the keto diet. I had read the success stories and I even had friends who dabbled with it and the results were just amazing. So that day, July 31st, 2019 I started my very first diet, although I didn’t know it then keto is not a diet it is a lifestyle I would soon come to love. The first day was brutal. All I wanted to do was crawl in bed with my spaghetti and meatballs from Olive Garden and indulge in every single carb. But I made it through day one of no carbs - and lots of cheese sticks. I reminded myself there is a reason you are doing this - 194 reasons to be exact. I was miserable but I made it through day one and then somehow I made it through day two and three and to two whole weeks! I lost ten pounds! I know most of it was water weight and my body adjusting but hell it was ten pounds and It was a start! My new number was 184. I felt rejuvenated- more entertaining, lighter and all-around happier! I needed to continue this weight loss journey. It had only been a week but I felt like this is something I can do now. I was starting to see how truly all-consuming weight loss can be. I’m so determined to lose more weight so I made an even more drastic decision to stop having my food with sugar. This too wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined.
    I learned that my weight was not due to my three children, or my three jobs, or my love of sugar/ carbs, or my unhealthy relationship with food. It was because of a lack of self-discipline and control. Last 30 years I allowed myself to believe I could never look like the pretty skinny girls - that just wasn’t me. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

    Intermittent Fasting

    It was around this time that I started researching intermittent fasting, something my best friend had told me about months before the beginning of my journey. When he told me what intermittent fasting was, I thought surely I cannot get 16 hours without eating- are you nuts! I’m the girl who loves to eat! But something he said to me made me feel like I can do it. He said, “Ruby I don’t know why you’re making a deal out of this - just try it.” So I tried it and decided to stop eating by 9 pm and at the time that was a big deal because I had grown accustomed to eating late. That night I ate dinner (sautéed spinach and 6 oz filet of salmon) I thought I would be starving in the morning- but I knew I had to just try it. The next morning I woke and had a glass of warm water and I wasn’t even hungry. I got my kids ready for the day and went to Starbucks to get my daily green tea - no honey. The strangest feeling was that I wasn’t the least bit hungry. I set my alarm for 1 pm so I knew when I could start eating. I went about my day shopping with the kids playing at the park all the while having plenty of energy and not even feeling hungry. My alarm went off and I could finally eat. The crazy part was that, when 1 pm came around, I wasn’t even hungry. I had some spinach and Greek yogurt and I was satisfied! That was the day I started intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting + keto was my one-two punch. I felt like a completely different person! I felt like I was finally in on the secret to losing weight. My new number was 177.4 and it had only been one month. I was so close to 20 pounds down and I could do it!

    Waist Training 101

    It was about two weeks after I discovered keto+intermittent fasting. I was seeing results but I wanted more. I felt like I was doing a lot but I so wanted that curvy Kardashian hourglass figure and as much as I hated to admit it, I wanted it! I feel like there was a piece missing.

    So once again, I turned to the internet and my google searches had become some out of a Jimmy Kimmel bit “ How much weight can I lose in a night? How can I look better in big clothes? How much does the average American woman weigh? How can I look thinner faster?” That last query changed my life.

    Of course, I got a lot of shapewear results but the best was something that vaguely looked like a corset and I was intrigued. The before and after shots of these women were undeniable. I needed one. This corset or a waist trainer as I soon learned it was called would the single item of clothing I simply cannot do without. Once it arrived I tried it on and it was true, I instantly looked slimmer! Since that day, the first thing I do when I wake up is put my trainer on. I found out quickly that this waist trainer not only made me look better but it helped further my weight loss quest because the trainer is constricting (not in a bad way!) it helped further limit how much I would eat. I wear my trainer on average 8 to 10 hours a day. The difference is truly astonishing. The self-confidence boost the trainer gave me alone was enough to make me love the trainer but the fact that this trainer aided in my weight loss, well that was just a no brainer!

    The Golden Trifecta!

    Waist Training + Keto + Intermittent Fasting 

    This is the secret I have been searching for. This golden trifecta changed my life! This was the secret I had so long searched for. I was finally in for the skinny girl secret as I had long ago referred to my weight loss journey. I was able to reclaim my life, and although I have more weight to lose, my life has changed. My relationships with everyone in my life is better- my husband and I are happier than ever, my children are eating healthy meals and live their best lives. I am making more money because I finally had the confidence to ask for what I deserved. I had turned my life around. I look in the mirror and I don’t see a number. I see a better version of myself.
    These three concepts - keto + intermittent fasting + waist training actually works. Fast. But it’s not a diet but rather a way of life. A healthy way of life where your weight loss is significant and consistent.
    If I could do that- a mom of three young children, who worked three jobs, who truly loved to eat anything and everything, can make this change- so can you! And this change will impact your entire life for the better.
    Best Wishes,
    Ruby Malmen
    Chief Brand Ambassador

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